Message from the founders


Thank you for visiting Science Valley web page.  I hope you will find our website useful and informative.


Science Valley was founded on January 2004 by myself (Chris Lee) and Ms. Elaine Woon with the aspiration of bringing products and services that are unique and advance for the Healthcare and Life Science Industries.  We set upon building the team and sourcing the appropriate products to meet our aim.


We are proud to announce that we have already crossed the ten (10th) year of our operation in which we have celebrated the event on February 2014 with great Gala.


As we move forward we have always consistently maintain that the company will be a platform for talents and entrepreneurs to breed and have the opportunity to grow within the establishment.  On this matter we have expanded into the Life Science sector and also built a Molecular laboratory within our group with the major stakeholders being the staffs.  With this model set into place we will see the next generation of stakeholders taking this concept to a newer height.


The tag line of our company is "Reliable Always" and we will always emphasize on honesty, keeping to our promise and trustworthiness in our dealings with anyone.  We welcome anyone or any company or brand with the same mind set to join us or collaborate with us.




Thank you for your perusal


Chris Lee

Elaine Woon