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Kryptor Compact PLUS

is a fully automated, closed laboratory analysis system that can perform numerous various analysis in random-access operations using TRACE (Time Resolved Amplified Cryptate Emission) Technology, which earned the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987.

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Fields of Indication








Sepsis is a systemic, life threatening inflammatory reaction caused by an infection. It's early diagnosis and appropriate therapy is a daily challenge in the emergency room and in the intensive care units. Procalcitonin (PCT) is one of today's newest biomarkers which has the highest diagnostic accuracy.

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Prenatal Screening



Trisomy 21 or Down's Syndrome is one of the most common genetic abnormalities affecting 1 in every 700 births worldwide. Invasive testing for chromosomal abnormalities is associated with a certain risk of miscarriage of about 1%. With its recognition and ceritification by Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF), B.R.A.H.M.S Kryptor offer the below listed biomarkers for 1st and 2nd trimester screening with high precision and accuracy.

  • B.R.A.H.M.S sFlt-1 Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S PlGF Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S PAPP-A Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S  AFP Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S  Free ßhCG Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S  Fast Screen Software

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Thyroid diseases rank among the most frequent medical conditions. Thermo Scientific B.R.A.H.M.S Kryptor offer a wide panel of biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring of thyroid cancer, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease:

  • B.R.A.H.M.S anti-TPOn Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S anti-Tgn Kryptor
  • B.R.A.H.M.S hTg sensitive Kryptor

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Tumor Markers








Thermo Scientific B.R.A.H.M.S Biomarkers offer a wide panel of tumor markers:

  • AFP for liver cell carcinoma and testical tumors
  • CA 125 II for ovarian cancer
  • CA 15-3 for breast cancer
  • CA 19-9 for pancreatic and colon cancer
  • CEA for colon cancer
  • Chromogranin A for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs)
  • CYFRA 21-1 for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
  • hCG for germ cell tumor
  • NSE for small cell lung cancer (SCLC)
  • PAP for prostate cancer
  • PSA or free PSA for prostate cancer
  • SCC for cervical cancer and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
  • Tg and Calcitonin for thyroid carcinoma
  • CT-proAVP for Diabetes insipidus

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