Nucleic Acid Testing  with Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA) Technology


With the Procleix Panther system and the Procleix Tigris system, Grifols offers two fully automated and integrated systems for blood screening enabling laboratories to attain optimal productivity. With NAT solutions, all the steps of nucleic acid testing are automated, from sample extraction to results reporting.

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DG Gel® column agglutination technology for blood group typing and investigation of unexpected antibodies.


DG Gel® system uses an 8-column format which means that more tests can be performed, and more information obtained from a single card. Processing is therefore easier and more cost-effective. DG Gel® cards adapt easily to different work routines offering a flexible, full-scale solution

The cards are designed for use with all Grifols systems: manual, semi-automated, and automated instruments.