Science Valley is the Authorized Distributor for the supply of Hettich Centrifuges in Malaysia. We guatantee that all centrifuge and its related spare parts will be available for 10 years upon product discontinuation date.

Small Centrifuge


The manually operated centrifuge is maintenance-free and independent of an external power supply


EBA 200 / 200 S

Practical and handy, the EBA 200/200S is ideal for a small quantity of samples


EBA 270

Optimal sample separation results for the medical practice


EBA 280 /280 S

Maximum performance and reliability for routine lab work





Microlitre Centrifuge

Mikro 185

A compact, dependable centrifuge requiring little space


Mikro 200 / 200 R

These microliter centrifuges rank among the fastest in their class


Mikro 220 / 220 R

Powerful microliter specialists



Benchtop Centrifuge

Rotofix 32A

Rugged, versatile and indispensable for routine laboratory tasks in doctors’ practices and small hospitals


Universal 320 / 320 R

Our multitalented centrifuges save space and costs


Rotina 380 / 380 R

High-performance centrifuges delivery separation technology to satisfy the highest standards.


Rotina 420 / 420 R

Developed for large volumes, yet not overly large in size. High performance when it counts, yet cost-effective and fair to your budget.


Rotanta 460 / 460 R

Advanced laboratory technology makes a significant contribution to shortening processing times




Special applications - Cell Washer


Automatic cell washing for serological testing





Haematokrit Centrifuge

Haematokrit 200

Safe, rapid and reliable determination of the haematocrit in minutes





Floorstanding Centrifuges

Rotixa 500 RS

Best for high sample throughput


Roto Silenta 630 RS

Blood bags and much more