Blood Bank

Encompassing well known brands like Grifols, and Diagast, our blood bank department provides solutions that cover the latest technology in blood screening via Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (NAT) and fully automated blood grouping equipments.

We also provides solutions for Clinical and Hospital Lab Settings such as centrifuges, refrigerators and shakers with our leading brands such as Desmon and Hettich.



Diagast, France

Diagast develops, manufactures and markets reagents and automated systems for blood grouping, phenotyping, antibody screening, cross matching and direct Coombs tests.



Grifols, Spain

With more than a decade of commitment to blood safety, Grifols continues to improve blood safety, and aims to be a strong presence in transfusion medicine.



Hettich, Germany

Hettich is recognized as one of the top clinical & research centrifuge manufacturers in the world where it offers a full range of products from small benchtop to large floor standing centrifuges.



Desmon Scientific, Italy

Desmon Scientific is the only manufacturer of Laboratory Cold Storage in Italy with full production cycle which guarantees a control over quality of products in all phases of manufacture, from moulding, fabrication, foaming to final assembly, testing and packaging.