Innovative Insulation System with CV Technology by Desmon

02 Oct 2015

Awarded for innovative solution in the industry at Host 2013 

CV is an innovative insulation system alternative to polyurethane foam, consisting of panels containing insulating material in powder under vacuum. In this way you get a ‘thermal insulation of refrigerators, freezers and blast chillers. Advantages: The insulation system is obtained by CV allows to obtain reductions in energy consumption in the order of 40% compared to traditional polyurethane insulation system under equal conditions of isolation. Besides the signicant energy saving technology CV allows to reduce the use of polyurethane for thermal insulation, and this positively aects reducing emissions of cyclopentane in the atmosphere during the foaming. In conclusion CV technology allows to safeguard the environment both by reducing C02 emissions during operation of the nal product, both HCFC emissions during production of the same, and at the same time allows the product to have an energy eciency greater. 

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